Knight Rider / Knight Rider 2000 Movie

Season 1 - Knight Rider

1. Knight Rider [Pilot; a.k.a. Knight of the Phoenix] (1)
gs: Phyllis Davis (Tanya) Pamela Susan Shoop (Maggie) Lance LeGault (Security Officer Gray) Noel Conlon (Unknown) Michael D. Roberts (Unknown) Bert Rosario (Car Thief) Richard Anderson (Dr. Ralph Wesley) Vince Edwards (Fred Wilson) Richard Basehart (Wilton Knight) Ed Gilbert (Charles Acton) Brian Cutler (Bar Manager) Barret Oliver (Buddy) Robert Phillips (Symes) Alma L. Beltran (Luce) Ed Hooks (Guard) Tyler Murray (Sally) Victoria Harned (Doris) Shawn Southwick (Lonnie) Charles Napier (Carney)
When a young detective is ambushed in a failed police stakeout, he is believed to have been killed. In reality, he revives and learns that his face has been altered and his identity has been changed to Micheal Knight. The man responsible for this is Wilton Knight, a dying billionaire who, convinced that one man can make a difference, has selected Micheal for the role as a crime-fighter.
b: 26-Sep-1982 pc: 57375 w: Glen A. Larson d: Daniel Haller
NOTE: Check out the entry in the Internet Movie Database.
In the UK, a repeat showing of this movie in 1988 (in feature-length format) made the weeks viewing chart, clocking up 12.0 million viewers on it's broadcast on Friday 1st April. (It was billed as 'Knight Rider - The Movie'). When 'M*A*S*H' finished in 1983, executives at NBC were desperate to find another half-hour show to fill it's shoes. 'Knight Rider' had proven a hit of the previous season, and so for some (bizarre) reason, the decision was made to re-edit the episodes into half-hour (22 minutes) format (cutting whole chunks of story, and often making the plot virtually incoherent as a result!). Episodes from the Pilot right through to the second season were given such treatment (understandably to the protest of fans). Eventually, new half-hour shows such as 'The Cosby Show' came along, and the curious re-editing of episodes ceased. (In the UK, ITV ran these half-hour versions on various regions in the late eighties, and they seemed thankfully forgotten, until a couple of years ago Channel 5 resurfaced them and broadcast them again!)

2. Knight Rider [Pilot; a.k.a. Knight of the Phoenix] (2)
gs: Phyllis Davis (Tanya) Pamela Susan Shoop (Maggie) Lance LeGault (Security Officer Gray) Noel Conlon (Unknown) Michael D. Roberts (Unknown) Bert Rosario (Car Thief) Richard Anderson (Dr. Ralph Wesley) Vince Edwards (Fred Wilson) Richard Basehart (Wilton Knight) Ed Gilbert (Charles Acton) Brian Cutler (Bar Manager) Barret Oliver (Buddy) Robert Phillips (Symes) Alma L. Beltran (Luce) Ed Hooks (Guard) Tyler Murray (Sally) Victoria Harned (Doris) Shawn Southwick (Lonnie) Charles Napier (Carney)
Now armed with a advanced prototype car called KITT which has the equivalent armor of a battle tank, capable of speeds over 300 MPH and contains an artificial intelligence computer personality as an aide, Micheal agrees to perform his assigned role.
b: 26-Sep-1982 pc: 57376 w: Glen A. Larson d: Daniel Haller
NOTE: Check out the entry in the Internet Movie Database.

3. Deadly Maneuvers
gs: Devon Ericson (Robin Ladd) Alan Oppenheimer (General Duncton) Allen Williams (Major Sanderson) Ron Kuhlman (Unknown) Andre Harvey (Lt. Hugh Rainey) Thomas Gilleran (Col. Ernest Ladd) Dennis Kerwin (Cpl. Cotler) Danil Torppe (Cpl. James) James Lough (Military Policeman #2) Peter Harrell (Military Policeman #1) Judy Johns (Cpl. Webb) Jeff Silverman (Sanj) Greg Norberg (Soldier) Charles Bazaldua (Fat Soldier)
Michael stops to offer a stranded Army Lieutenant a lift, only from them to learn when they arrive at the girl's stationed base that her father has been killed in mysterious circumstances. With the events surrounding the death highly suspicious, Michael decides to investigate, and unwittingly finds himself and K.I.T.T. steering into a criminal plot on a missile test range - on which they find themselves becoming targets!...
b: 01-Oct-1982 pc: 57305 w: William Schmidt , Bob Shayne d: Paul Stanley
NOTE: This is the first episode to feature Patricia McPherson as Dr. Bonnie Barstow, though she is not particularly "introduced" in this episode; she just appears as if we're already familiar with the character. It is also the first episode to feature the Knight Industries truck, though here the trailer section has a plain white side. It doesn't have its familiar black side with gold stripe and Knight logo until late in the season. An interesting guest actor to spot for fans who grew up in the 80s: Alan Oppenheimer provided the voice of many characters, including Skeletor, in the hit cartoon series 'He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe' (1983-86), and it's spin-off series 'She-Ra: Princess Of Power' (1985-86). There is no narroration over the opening sequence, just instrumentals Lt. Rainey finds the following cards in Michael's wallet: "Michael Knight, Speedy Repairman"; "Michael Knight, Quick Carpet Cleaner"; "M. Knight, Enterprises - Swedish Massage While-U-Wait."

4. Good Day at White Rock
gs: Anne Lockhart (Sherry) Michael Champion (Monk) Don Stroud (Hilly) James Callahan (Sheriff Bruckner) Keith Coogan (Davey Benson (as Keith Mitchell)) Robert Dryer (The Priest) Gregory Clemens (Sneaker) Alex Daniels (Big Lonny) George Fisher (Boss) Kyle Oliver (Big Donny)
Michael and K.I.T.T. head to the quiet backwater town of White Rock for Michael to take a well deserved vacation and do a little rock climbing, but the trip isn't quite the quiet break expected, when they find that the town is being terrorised by a rowdy motorcycle gang preparing to do battle with a rival club of bikers...
b: 08-Oct-1982 pc: 57303 w: Deborah Davis d: Daniel Haller
NOTE: This is the first episode to have the narration on the opening credits.
Patricia McPherson (Bonnie) does not appear in this episode. The title of this episode and much of the premise, is a play on the 1955 film 'Black Day At Bad Rock'. The classic 1st season episode of 'The A-Team', 'Bad Day At Black Rock' (1983), is also a play on that film, and also is noticeably similar to this episode in many ways - both involve biker gangs terrorising a small town. Keith Coogan was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 1983 for Best Young Actor - Guest On A Series. He won the award! The script (2nd Draft possibly) describes a billboard on the outskirts of town that reads "White Rock, Don't Forget to Come Back!" After the climactic chase sequence it is destroyed and finally reads "White Rock, Don't... Come Back!" It failed to make the episode. The Foundation's phone number is 223-553-0433.

5. Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacular
gs: Susan Kase (Lisa) Lin McCarthy (Lawrence Blake) Eddie Firestone (Sammy) Jimmy Weldon (Announcer) Adam Postil (Mark) Mark Alaimo (Bill Gordon) Phil Cocciolatte (Unknown)
Devon assigns Michael and K.I.T.T. to work undercover at an auto-daredevil show whose owners unwittingly took out a second mortgage from a crook who arranges "accidents" so he can take over the business...
b: 22-Oct-1982 pc: 57315 w: E. Paul Edwards , John Alan Schwartz d: Bruce Bilson
NOTE: With K.I.T.T. performing stunts at the stunt-show, much of this early episode seems designed to show-case and show off many of K.I.T.T.'s impressive array of functions and capabilities to the new audience.

6. Just My Bill
gs: Bruce Gray (Senator Forbes) Carole Cook (Senator Flynn) Nancy Lee Grahn (Jane Adams) Alex Kubik (Luger) Robert Sampson (Dixon) David Haskell (Brian Owendorf) June Christopher (Miriam) Barry Cutler (Garage Guard) London Donfield (Al) Fitzhugh G. Houston (Assembly Speaker) Roger Til (Professor LeCalir) Kenneth Menard (Charlie Kemp) Jeri Gaile (Kate) Steve Alterman (Valet Attendant)
Michael becomes the bodyguard for a crusading state senator who has stepped on one too many toes.
b: 29-Oct-1982 pc: 57311 d: Sidney Hayers
NOTE: The opening trailer of this episodes includes a shot of Michael talking to Jane Adams seemingly at a party, from a scene that was never used in the final edit of the story.

7. Not a Drop to Drink
gs: Jason Evers (Bremen) Harry Carey Jr. (Josh) David S. Cass Sr. (Alex Webster) Lynn Hamilton (Susan Wade) Joe Burnett (Kirk Webster) Sondra Currie (Francesca Morgan) Tom Lester (Ted Moore) Lyndel Stuart (Myra Moore) Jan Rabson (Dewey) Bumper Yothers (Unknown)
Devon sends Michael to stop a range war over water rights.
b: 05-Nov-1982 pc: 57304 w: Hannah L. Shearer d: Virgil Vogel
NOTE: Some prints of this episode have the narration on the opening credits, others do not. The footage of the damn bursting at the climax of the episode is recycled from 'Superman' (1978). If you look carefully at some shots, you can see where the picture looks rather 'squeezed', due to the original wide-screen shots being crammed down.

8. No Big Thing
gs: Mary-Margaret Humes (Carol Reston) Logan Ramsey (Judge Roland S. Paxton) Jim Haynie (Frank Reston) Ted Markiano (Wallace) Grainger Hines (Saunders) Duke Stroud (Captain Butler) Paul Harper (Man) Jimmy Murphy (Pink) Earl Billings (Shep) Robert Carnegie (Van Dyke) Louis Elias (Pauley the truck driver) Vance Davis (Guard) Patrick Puccinelli (Officer Smith) Bruce Neckels (Pete-truck driver) Elmarie Wendel (Woman) Jay T. Will (Brute)
Devon lands in a small-town lockup on a misdemeanor, but his predicament becomes deadly after a fellow prisoner is killed by the cops. Devon's the only one who knew the man was in jail. Town name is Lindhurst Flats.
b: 12-Nov-1982 pc: 57313 w: Judy Burns d: Bernard L. Kowalski

9. Trust Doesn't Rust
gs: Michael MacRae (Tony) William Sanderson (The Rev) Gary McMillan (Security Guard) John Brandon (Police Captain) John Hostetter (Police Officer) Ivan E. Roth (Fast Food Kid) Peter Cullen (Voice of K.A.R.R.)
Michael is assigned to stop KARR, an evil prototype of KITT programmed to survive at all costs--and now on the loose.
b: 19-Nov-1982 pc: 57307 w: Steven E. De Souza d: Paul Stanley
NOTE: Peter Cullen also did the voice of Optimus Prime on the Transformer Series and Transformers: The Movie. KARR's voice resembles Optimus Prime.
When K.A.R.R. returned in the third season episode 'K.I.T.T. Vs K.A.R.R.', K.A.R.R.'s voice was actually done by another artist, uncredited, but many sources mistakenly presume that Peter Cullen provided the voice on that occasion as well. K.A.R.R.'s voice modulator resembles that of K.I.T.T.'s more recognised one, introduced later in the season in 'Hearts Of Stone'. The producers, looking for a more appealing look for the modulator instead of the original 'blinking red square', apparently adapted the design of K.A.R.R.'s after viewers responded well to the look of it.

10. Inside Out
gs: Lawrence Dobkin (Kincaid) Judith Chapman (Linda) Erik Stern (Thompson) Jack Gill (Dugan) Lee Duncan (Clark) Morgan Jones (V) (Warden) Michael O'Guinne (Officer Wally) Bill Cross (Officer Lester) Jim Boeke (Baker) Stephen Pershire (O'Brien) Kay Worthington (Woman Driver) Talmadge Scott (Front Jeep Driver) Greg Finley (Prison Guard)
Michael takes on the guise of an infamous criminal to infiltrate a highly organised crime ring headed my a retired Colonel, who is planning a major heist...
b: 26-Nov-1982 pc: 57302 w: Steven E. De Souza d: Peter Crane
NOTE: New Device Added: Microwave Jammer: Can disrupt elelectrical activity. Range: 50 yds.
The real Dugan, who Michael impersonates in this story, is played by Jack Gill - a legendary stunt-man who did the vast majority of K.I.T.T.'s stunt driving in the series.

11. The Final Verdict
gs: Marvin Karon (Marty) Don Gordon (Dickerson) Tim Rossovich (Butch) Ramon Bieri (Al Farlan) Penny Peyser (Cheryl) Rick Fitts (Brad) Tom Rossovitch (Butch) Bob Schott (Dink) June Christopher (Kim-bartender) Cynthia Ream (Tracy) Michael Masters (Garage Man)
Memorial to: R.A. Cinder--He was the original.
A meek accountant can clear a friend of murder if Michael can find him before he's arrested for "creative" bookkeeping.
b: 03-Dec-1982 pc: 57316 d: Bernard Kowalski
NOTE: New Device Added: Composite Sketch Imager based on description
This episode contains a reference to another popular Glen Larson series that was running concurrently with this one. Michael meets Devon and Bonnie at the Buckaroo Club, which was frequented by Colt Seavers and co. in The Fall Guy.

12. A Plush Ride
gs: William Lucking (Redmond) Wendy Fulton (Margot Wells) M. C. Gainey (Jason Keller) Hector Elias (Lopez) Donald Mantooth (Corey) Michael Carven (Unknown)
Michael becomes a student in a driving school for chauffeur-bodyguards to expose an assassin whose targets are a trio of visiting Third World leaders.
b: 10-Dec-1982 pc: 57306 w: Gregory S. Dinallo d: Sidney Hayers

13. Forget Me Not
gs: Maria Conchita Alonso (Marie Elena) Judy Landers (Micki Bradburn) Alejandro Rey (Rudy del Fuego) Maria Conchita (Marie Elena) Michael Lane (Jerry) Reid Shelton (David Burns/The Eagle) Victor Millan (Eduardo Casafranca) Fred Lerner (Ray) David Olivier (The Frenchman) Katia Christine (Margo) Michael Horsley (Valet Attendant) Michael Lamont (Male Guest) Helen Duffy (Actress)
Michael's only hope of preventing the assassination of a Latin American president is a girl who knows the plan, but has amnesia.
b: 17-Dec-1982 pc: 57312 d: Gil Bettman
NOTE: When the series was first broadcast in the UK, this episode was the most viewed episode of 1983, clocking up 12.9 million viewers on it's original broadcast on Tuesday 10th May 1983 (ITV, 7:30 p.m.).

14. Hearts of Stone
gs: Mary McCusker (Angie) Sam Viahos (Father Carlos Laguna) Jeff Cooper (Ricky) Rudy Ramos (Roberto) Arell Blanton (D.D.) Zitto Kazann (Emile) Constance Ball (Nurse) Connie Downing (Girl at party) Larry Bame (Bartender)
Michael infiltrates a ring of gunrunners selling advanced-design rifles in Central America, "Corazon de Piedras".
b: 14-Jan-1983 pc: 57322 w: Robert Foster d: Jeffrey Hayden
NOTE: K.I.T.T.'s more familiar voice modulator, of three segmented lines that grow and detract as he speaks, makes is debut in this episode (replacing the basic 'blinking red square' seen from the Pilot up to the prior episode). a new look for the FLAG Rig: Black Deisel with a whight Knight Chess Piece

15. Give Me Liberty... or Give Me Death
gs: Robin Deardon (Liberty) Alan Fudge (Shaw) Brett Halsey (Sellers) Kenneth Tigar (Dr. Kempler) Sab Shimono (Hito Osaka) Richard Young (Sonny Prince) Adam Ageli (Hashi Al Gatar) Gary Houston Phillips (Lester Prince) Frank Pesce (Director) Robert Balderson (P.A. Announcer) Francine Lembi (Unknown) Kai Wulff (Unknown)
Someone is sabotaging the cars in an alternative-fuel race, so Michael joins the pack to flush out the saboteur.
b: 21-Jan-1983 pc: 57323 w: David Braff d: Bernard L. Kowalski
NOTE: This episode contains a dig at "rival" series 'The Dukes Of Hazzard' - here, two hillbillies, the Prince brothers (as opposed to the Duke cousins), race around in a souped-up orange Dodge Charger (the type of car that is famous as the Dukes' 'General Lee'). They meet their doom when their car explodes! Previously, The General Lee in 'The Dukes Of Hazzard' stood as the fastest and most famous car on TV, and when Knight Rider began, the producers were keen to brew up some rivalry, running promotional pictures showing K.I.T.T. next to a car similar to the General Lee.

16. The Topaz Connection
gs: Tina Louise (Anne Tyler) Michael Durrell (Paul Debrett) Jeanna Michaels (Lauren Royce) Jack Starrett (Lee) Michael Alldredge (Bob Croger) John Ericson (Philip Royce) Richardson Morse (Doctor) Jack Starret (Unknown) Michael Alderdge (Unknown)
The murder of a men's magazine publisher leads Michael to Las Vegas and an expose the magazine was about to print.
b: 28-Jan-1983 pc: 57321 w: Stephen Katz d: Alan Myerson
NOTE: We learn here that Bonnie's birthday is November 24th, just days from Patricia McPherson's own birthday.

17. A Nice, Indecent Little Town
gs: Luke Askew (Ron Austin) John Crawford (Sheriff Moore) Jean Bruce Scott (Jobina) Norman Burton (Barnswell) Eric Server (Agent Larkin) Amzie Strickland (Martha Haberstraw) Charles Bartlett (Deputy Hanks) Deputy Cole (Stacy MacGregor)
The trail of a counterfeiter leads to a sleepy little village that not only appears to be harboring the criminal he's after but is also under the eye of the CIA.
b: 18-Feb-1983 pc: 57317 w: Frank Telford d: Gil Betteman
NOTE: The footage of K.I.T.T. breaking Michael out of jail is re-cycled from the Pilot.
The action-packed chase sequence in Act Four is missing from the earlier drafts of Frank Telford's script. Originally, Michael and K.I.T.T. drove to the Hallelujah Press offices via back-streets and alleys to avoid the police. In the episode, Aunt Martha doubles for Michael (wearing his leather jacket!) and speeds about town in K.I.T.T. to divert the police long enough for Michael to get there alone.

18. Chariot of Gold
gs: Theodore Bickel (Deauville) George McDaniel (Stark) Theodore Bikel (Graham Deauville) Lynne Toppin (Charlene Hanover) Garnett Smith (Litton) Sandy Helberg (Irving Farber) Lorinne Dills Vozoff (Ellen Sullivan)
Michael investigates the mysterious deaths of members of an exclusive club for geniuses, involved in an archaeological dig.
b: 25-Feb-1983 pc: 57326 w: William Schmidt d: Bernard L. Kowalski
NOTE: ORIGINAL TITLE: "Survival of the Fittest"
A cut sequence saw Michael being forced to take the Helios entrance exam. Told sarcastically to use every resource at his disposal, Michael cheats and uses K.I.T.T. instead.

19. White Bird
gs: Catherine Hickland (Stefanie) Don Galloway (Edward Cole) Bert Freed (Solan)
Michael tries to prevent a lawyer's assistant from being framed for conspiracy, but there's a complication; she was Michael's fiancee before his identity change.
b: 04-Mar-1983 pc: 57330 w: Virginia Aldridge d: Winrich Kolbe
NOTE: CUT: K.I.T.T. wonders about love, and why the emotion that is normally associated with happiness is making Michael so sad.
ORIGINAL TITLE: "The Long Way Home" Guest Star Catherine Hickland was Hasselhoff's real-life wife at the time of this episode. They had been married in Carmel, CA.

20. Knight Moves
gs: James Whitmore Jr. (Rick Calley) Kathryn Butterfield (Norma) Yvonne McCord (Terri) Guy Stockwell (Riggins) Morgan Woodward (Winston) Michael Potter (Ozzie) Lonny Chapman (Unknown) Taylor Lacher (Unknown) Burton Gilliam (Unknown)
Michael tries to catch hijackers who are knocking off shipments carried by independent truckers.
b: 11-Mar-1983 pc: 57332 w: William Schmidt d: Christian I. Nyby II
NOTE: The image of K.I.T.T. behind the closing credits is, oddly, a different one used from the first the seasons, of K.I.T.T. much further back on the desert horizon.
Original Title: "Wheels Of Fear"

21. Nobody Does It Better
gs: Angel Tompkins (Connie Chasen) Robert Ginty (Elliot Stevens) Tony Dow (Julian Groves) Marshall Teague (Armand) Jimmy Bridges (Rollers Skater at Beach) Gail Edwards ()
Michael contends with interference from an overzealous private eye while he tries to discover who's stealing computer-software secrets.
b: 29-Apr-1983 pc: 57331 w: David Braff d: Harvey Laidman

22. Short Notice
gs: Robin Curtis (Nicole Turner) William Smith (Harold T. Turner) Brittany Wilson (Natalie Turner) Dennis Burkley (Tiny) Sandy McPeak (Arthur Wexley) Jordan Clarke (Ferris) Joe Conley (Manager #1) David Hess (Donny) Linda L. Rand (Manager #2) Gail Fisher (Thelma)
After Michael unintentionally kills a cycle-gang member, the only witness insists that he recover her kidnapped child before she will help him.
b: 06-May-1983 pc: 57336 w: Robert Foster d: Robert Foster
NOTE: The title comes from a scene cut from the episode; after checking into the motel for the night, Nicole goes to get some food but returns with a six-pack of beer -- the best she could do on short notice. Michael replies, "Short notice is good with me."
The Satan's Stompers Motorcycle Club were originally named the "Devil's Disciples," while Natalie was at first called Dana

Season 2 - Knight Rider

23. Goliath (1)
gs: Barbara Rush (Elizabeth Knight) David Hasselhoff (Garthe Knight) Shawn Southwick (Rita) Zakes Mokae (Tsombe Kuna) Ivan Naranjo (Chief 'car salesman') Paul Lambert (General Maddox) Pepper Davis (Gambler) Petrus Antonius (Hotel Clerk) Murray Westgate (Technician) Elizabeth Knight (Barbara Rush)
Michael and KITT battle a KITT-like truck built by Wilton Knight's ex-wife and son.
b: 02-Oct-1983 pc: 57875 w: Robert Foster , Robert W. Gilmer d: Winrich Kolbe
NOTE: For this season, Rebecca Holden plays April Curtis, KITT's new technician. She was brought in after Patricia McPherson (Bonnie) pushed the shows writers & producers to give her character more to do, possibly including a romance with Michael! Although April was not unpopular, many fans missed Bonnie and wrote in to ask for the character to return, which she eventually did at the start of the third season. Although David Hasselhoff plays both Michael and Garthe Knight in this story, he is only credited on-screen for playing Michael. The first draft gives Garthe a limp -- presumably obtained while he was in Africa, although never explained. The idea was dropped, however, to keep him as Michael's physical match.
The writers were torn between two songs to use for Garthe's theme -- Sympathy for the Devil and Gimme Shelter, both by the Rolling Stones. The episode uses Gimme Shelter.
The ramjet makes its first appearance in the second draft. Originally, Michael and K.I.T.T. attempted to leave the desert as slowly as possible; the shooting()final) version saw them lose control, travelling at over 300 mph.

24. Goliath (2)
gs: Barbara Rush (Elizabeth Knight) David Hasselhoff (Garthe Knight) Shawn Southwick (Rita) Zakes Mokae (Tsombe Kuna) Ivan Naranjo (Chief 'car salesman') Paul Lambert (General Maddox) Pepper Davis (Gambler) Petrus Antonius (Hotel Clerk) Murray Westgate (Technician)
Michael and KITT battle a KITT-like truck built by Wilton Knight's ex-wife and son.
b: 02-Oct-1983 pc: 57876 w: Robert Foster , Robert W. Gilmer d: Winrich Kolbe

25. Brother's Keeper
gs: Catherine Mary Stewart (Lisa) Tim O'Connor (Phillip Hunt) Michael Fairman (Eric Fenton) Robert Braiver (Alex Payne) Gerald Gordon ()
Michael is planted in a prison to break out an inmate wanted by a terrorist threatening to blow up a city.
b: 09-Oct-1983 pc: 57805 w: E.F. Wallengren d: Sidney Hayers
NOTE: When avoiding pursuers, K.I.T.T. rotates his license-plate, James Bond style, from KNIGHT to KNI 667. It's the only time in the series that this function is used.

26. Merchants of Death
gs: Deborah Allison (Camela/Amelia Clermont) Linden Chiles (Congressman Albert Ebersol) Joe Ladue (Kragen) Dana Elcar (Strock) Kurt Smildsin (Sam Richards) John Wesley (U.S. Marshal)
There's thunder out of the blue when Michael and KITT square off against a futuristic attack helicopter in the hands of mercenaries.
b: 16-Oct-1983 pc: 57807 w: William Schmidt d: Alan Myerson

27. Blind Spot
gs: Arthur Taxier (Mel) Michael J. London (Dudley) Elyssa Davalos (Julie) Christopher Coffey (John) Javier Grajeda (Ramon) David J. Partington (Officer Gray) Akosua Busia (Nurse)
Michael investigates a businessman who's exploiting illegal aliens. A blind woman is the only witness.
b: 23-Oct-1983 pc: 57809 w: Jackson Gillis d: Bernard L. Kowaalski
NOTE: cover song used: Santana's "O yea Como Va"

28. Return to Cadiz
gs: Anne Lockhart (Jennifer Shell) Guy Stockwell (Zachary Sloate) Nicolas Coster (Ross Manley) Michael Bowen (Bobby Shell) Marion Yue (Nurse Tracy) Ken Scott (Roessler)
Michael and K.I.T.T. are about to test K.I.T.T.'s new function which should allow him to drive on water, but the test is aborted when K.I.T.T. detects an injured scuba-diver washed up on the shore. Befriending the young man's sister, Michael investigates just how the boy got wounded, and uncovers that he has been removing ancient Aztec treasure from a sunken galleon, falling foul of a determined treasure hunter...
b: 30-Oct-1983 pc: 57801 w: Sonny Mathias s: Larry Forrester d: Alan Myerson
NOTE: The working title of this episode was 'To Forgive, Divine'.
Although shown sixth (counting the feature-length 'Goliath' as one story), this was actually the first episode written and produced for the second season. The producers toyed with the idea of making K.I.T.T.'s water-driving ability a reoccuringly used function, but it was dropped due to it proving to costly, thus making this the only episode where it is used. Song used: "I'll Be Watching You" by The Police(original song not a cover)

29. K.I.T.T. the Cat
gs: Geena Davis (Grace Fallon) Keene Curtis (Griffin) Jack Starett (Lieutenant Barth) Terry Moore (Molly Frederich) Paul Pepper (Ricky) Kopi Sotiropulos (Gardener) Wally Taylor (Security Guard) Bill Wiley (Unknown)
Michael tries to catch a Robin Hood-style cat burglar before an obsessed cop does.
b: 06-Nov-1983 pc: 57824 w: Janis Hendler d: Jeffrey Hayden

30. Custom K.I.T.T.
gs: Angel Tompkins (Nora Rayburn) Denise Miller (Carrie Haver) Suzanne Weston (Melinda O. Fee) Albert Salmi (Buck Rayburn) Nora Rayburn (Angel Tompkins) Brian Cutler (Dobie) Robert Pastorelli (LeRoy) Bernard Fox (Unknown) Michael Huddleson (Unknown)
KITT is the bait in Michael's plan to trap customized-car thieves. Suspects found at a traveling custom-car show. Subplot--a couple of inept car thieves try to steal KITT with startling results.
b: 13-Nov-1983 pc: 57821 w: William Schmidt s: William Schmidt , Robert Specht d: Georg Fenady

31. Soul Survivor
gs: Brian Robbins (Randy Merritt) Ann Turkel (Adrianne Margeaux) Janet Carroll (Denise Merritt) Carl Strano (Fredericks) Jon Cypher (George Atherton) Frank Birney (Asst Manager)
A computer whiz cracks KITT's programming and erases the memory, forcing Michael to battle his own car. KITT is 'boxed' for portability in another car.
b: 27-Nov-1983 pc: 57829 w: Robert Foster , Robert W. Gilmer d: Harvey Laidman

32. Ring of Fire
gs: Leslie Wing (Layla Charon Callan) Joseph Hindy (Tom Baylor) Robert Reynolds (Cray Callan) Larry Moss (Henri Lecroix) George Murdock (Judge Callan) Beau Starr (Jacques Charon) Will McMillan (Sheriff Casey)
Michael battles to protect Cajun woman from her vengeful husband in a Louisiana bayou.
b: 04-Dec-1983 pc: 57810 w: Janis Hendler d: Winrich Kolbe

33. Knightmares
gs: Laura Bruneau (Cara Caulfield) Susan Kellermann (Nurse) Mike Genovese (Frank) Nick Smith (Duke) J. Jay Saunders (Officer Bowman) William Boyett (Desk Sergeant) Marty Schiff (Taxi Driver) Bruce Paul Barbolia (Police Officer)
Michael suffers amnesia from a head injury sustained while investigating at a dam and reverts to his former identity as policeman Michael Long.
b: 11-Dec-1983 pc: 57830 w: Tom Greene , Janis Hendler d: Sidney Hayers

34. Silent Knight
gs: Paul La Greca (Tino) Janet De May [ Marta (sister)) Stephen Liska (robber)) Robert Miranda (Paolo) Lloyd Alan (Nick) Janet DeMay (Marta) Stephen Liska (Casey)
Michael is preparing to attend the Christmas banquet when he encounters a gypsy boy who has witnessed a bank robbery and is sought by the robbers from whom he stole a gold watch.
b: 18-Dec-1983 pc: 57817 w: Robert W. Gilmer , Janis Hendler s: Stephen B. Katz d: Bruce Kessler

35. A Knight in Shining Armor
gs: Daphne Ashbrook (Katherine Granger) Lance LeGault (Christopher Stone) Art Lund (Charlie Granger) David Cowgill (Scott) Tom Wilson (Chip) Julie Ronnie (Stacey)
A killer with a treasure map must find his victim's estranged daughter, who holds the key to the treasure.
b: 08-Jan-1984 pc: 57832 w: Janis Hendler , Tom Greene d: Bernard McEveety

36. Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend
gs: Cameron Mitchell (Bernie Mitchell) Jo Ann Pflug (Nina Jurgenson) Wendy Kilbourne (Lauren Janes) Elizabeth Lindsey (Rachel Robinson) Rene Assa (Miller) Nicholas Guest (Chris Carlson) Nancy Ellison (Photographer) Lu Leonard (Unknown)
Michael heads for Mexico to trap a talent agent who's using beautiful models to smuggle diamonds into the U.S.
b: 15-Jan-1984 pc: 57833 w: Robert Foster , Robert W. Gilmer d: Jeffrey Hayden

37. White-Line Warriors
gs: Woody Brown (Ron Prescott) Mary Beth Evans (Cindy Mattheson) Sonny Jackson (Handsome Ansom) Hugh Gillin (Chief Craig) Allyn Ann McLerie (Marietta Mattheson) Sammy Jackson (Handsome Anson James) Sal Landi (Ty) Tim Gillin (Officer Apted) Milt Oberman (Manny Carmichael) Frank Garret (Mace Beaudry)
Car club members are being blamed for a string of burglaries that coincide with their weekend visits to a coastal community. Subplot--Manny tries to sell a car security system to Michael.
b: 29-Jan-1984 pc: 57828 w: Richard C. Okie d: Bob Bralver

38. Race For Life
gs: Mario Marcelino (Julio) Scott Getlin (Ric) Robyn Lively (Becky Phillips) Lynne Marta (Laura Phillips) Toni Nero (Terri) Jesse Aragon (Santos) Vincent Barbour (Conqueror) Frank Lugo (Shop Keeper) William Harlow (Trooper) Scott Getilin (Unknown) James Arone (Unknown) Hank Brandt (Unknown)
Dedicated to the memory of: Marcel Rafael Marcelino who died while his father, Mario, was filming this episode.
Michael races the clock to find a gang leader who's the only compatible donor for a girl needing a life-saving transplant.
b: 05-Feb-1984 pc: 57826 w: Bruce Belland , Roy M. Rogosin d: Georg Fenady

39. Speed Demons gs: John Macchia (Kelly Travis) Lydia Cornell (Sabrina) Bruce Bauer (Lee Carstairs) Michael Champion (Wade Fontaine) Ethan Wayne (Danny Duval) Kurt Fuller (Camera Man) Larry Huffman (Race Announcer) Madison Mason (Unknown) Christine De Lisle (Unknown)
Michael and KITT are put on alert when an anonymous letter warns that a killer may strike at a Foundation sponsored motorcycle race.
b: 12-Feb-1984 pc: 57837 w: Tom Greene , Janis Hendler d: Bruce Seth Green

40. Goliath Returns (1)
gs: Suzanne Barnes (Christina) David Hasselhoff (Garthe Knight) Peter Mark Richman (Dr.Klaus) Ann Turkel (Adrianne St.Clair) Cyndi James-Reese (Kathy Cunningham) John M. Banach (Technician #1) Henry G. Sanders (Hotel Security Guard) Vicki McCarty (Hotel Clerk) Ann Turkel (Adrianne St.Clair (a.k.a. Adrianne Margeaux))
Seeking revenge against Michael, old nemesis Garthe Knight kidnaps Devon, April and a scientist to force a showdown between KITT and his new and improved GOLIATH.
b: 19-Feb-1984 pc: 57879 w: Whitey Hughes , Robert Foster, Robert W. Gilmer, Tom Greene, Janis Hendler d: Winrich Kolbe
NOTE: Although Ann Turkel is billed (including on-screen) as Adrianne St.Clair, she is in fact the same character, Adrianne Margeaux, that appeared previously in the season in 'Soul Survivor' (She is referred to by this name in dialogue). Presumably, being a criminal master-mind, she has two aliases! The original working title of this episode was 'Deja Vu'.
This story is unique in that it is the only one to bring back two previously seen villains (Garthe from 'Goliath', and Adrienne from 'Soul Survivor', both fan favourite episodes), to team up together. As with 'Goliath' previously, although David Hasselhoff plays both Michael and Garthe Knight in this story, he is only credited on-screen for playing Michael. Garthe's prison number is 479762. He was kept in Cell Block G.

41. Goliath Returns (2)
gs: Suzanne Barnes (Christina) Peter Mark Richman (Dr.Klaus) Ann Turkel (Adrianne St.Clair) Cyndi James-Reese (Kathy Cunningham) John M. Banach (Technician #1) Henry G. Sanders (Hotel Security Guard) Vicki McCarty (Hotel Clerk) David Hasselhoff (Garthe Knight)
Seeking revenge against Michael, old nemesis Garthe Knight kidnaps Devon, April and a scientist to force a showdown between KITT and his new and improved GOLIATH.
b: 19-Feb-1984 pc: 57880 w: Robert Foster , Robert W. Gilmer, Tom Greene, Janis Hendler d: Winrich Kolbe
NOTE: Although Michael's evil twin Garthe Knight had proven popular with viewers , David Hasselhoff asked that this be the last time he play the character, due to the lengthy time needed to film for both the parts of Michael and Garthe (as well as the needed costume and make-up changes).

42. A Good Knight's Work gs: John Vernon (Cameron Zachary) Alexa Hamilton (Gina Adams) Robert O'Reilly (Jake Simpson) Dave Collins (Unknown) Rosalind Allen (Car Buyer) Dana Gladstone (Unknown)
Michael is pursued by an international criminal who knows Michael's former identity and wants revenge. A woman who claims her talking teddy bear toy design has been stolen wants Michael to break in and recover it, is in cahoots.
b: 04-Mar-1984 pc: 57840 w: Richard C. Okie d: Sidney Hayers

43. Mouth of the Snake [a.k.a. All That Glitters] (1)
gs: Charles Taylor (David Dalton) Pedro Armendariz Jr. (Eduardo O'Brian) Joanna Pettet (Joanna St. John) Robert Colbert (Elton Mathews) Patty Kotero (Tiara) George Murdock (Archibald) Emily Banks (Pricilla Ragsdale) Robert Clarke (John Ragsdale) Chuck Lindsly (Steward) Luis Contreras (Coyote) Arell Blanton (Frank) Tom Gilleran (Arthur Abrams) Todd Martin (Elmo Elliott)
A Government agent, a murdered lawyer's widow and Michael seek connections between an international criminal, a stolen rocket launcher and the code, "Boca Culebra".
b: 08-Apr-1984 pc: 57877 w: Robert Foster , Robert W. Gilmer d: Winrich Kolbe
NOTE: This feature-length / 2-part story was designed as a test Pilot for a potential new series about David Dalton. A short-lived series emerged with the character in 1986.
Although this episode's "proper" title is 'Mouth Of The Snake', it is also known as 'All That Glitters', the story's original working title, which the episode can still found billed as sometimes. Rebecca Holden (April) does not appear in either halves of this story. This adventure is also rather unpopular with many fans for the noticeable lack of Michael and KITT in the story (as it was a Pilot for another series, they are pushed into the background)!

44. Mouth of the Snake [a.k.a. All That Glitters] (2)
gs: Charles Taylor (David Dalton) Pedro Armendariz Jr. (Eduardo O'Brian) Joanna Pettet (Joanna St. John) Robert Colbert (Elton Mathews) Patty Kotero (Tiara) George Murdock (Archibald) Emily Banks (Pricilla Ragsdale) Robert Clarke (John Ragsdale) Chuck Lindsly (Steward) Luis Contreras (Coyote) Arell Blanton (Frank) Tom Gilleran (Arthur Abrams) Todd Martin (Elmo Elliott)
A Government agent, a murdered lawyer's widow and Michael seek connections between an international criminal, a stolen rocket launcher and the code, "Boca Culebra".
b: 08-Apr-1984 pc: 57878 w: Robert Foster , Robert W. Gilmer d: Winrich Kolbe

45. Let It Be Me
gs: Catherine Hickland (Stevie March) Michael C. Gwynne (Paul Brock) Shanna Reed (Barbara Bellingham) John Patrick Reger (Greg Noble) Joseph Burke (Unknown)
Posing as a singer in a rock band, Michael looks for the connection between the former lead singer's "accidental" death and an encoded videotape found in his personal effects.
b: 13-May-1984 pc: 57834 w: Robert Foster , Robert W. Gilmer s: William Elliot d: Bernard McEveety

46. Big Iron
gs: Stuart Whitman (Frank Sanderson) Patch Mackenzie (Lucy Sanderson) Myron Healey (Lloyd Newald) Alex Kubik (Sam) Michael Rider (Vance Burke) Kaaren Lee (Mary Beth) Gene LeBell (Junior)
While investigating the theft of heavy-duty construction equipment. Michael and KITT are pushed into a quarry and buried with tons of gravel.
b: 27-May-1984 pc: 57804 w: Julie Friedgen d: Bernard L. Kowalski
NOTE: Although mentioned, Rebecca Holden (April) does not appear in this episode, making the previous episode, 'Let It Be Me', her last appearance in the series.
Edward Mulhare (Devon) only has a cameo, in one scene of this episode.
This episode introduces K.I.T.T's "new" Trajectory Guide feature, even though it had been seen used earlier in the season in 'Blind Spot'. In reality, this episode, despite being shown last in the season, was one of the first ones produced for it (as reflected in the production number).

Season 3 - Knight Rider

47. Knight of the Drones (1) gs: Jim Brown (C.J. Jackson) Barbara Stock (Margo Sheridan) Evan Kim (Peter Wong) Wood Moy (Fong) Harry D.K. Wong (Ho Chin) Chuck Dorsett (Nice Old Man) Grace Bauer (Nice Old Lady) Arnie Moore (Carter) Jared Martin (Dr. David Holsten) The Barbarian Brothers (Cliffton & Turk)
A scientist plans to use robots and drone cars to round up criminals to rob a Federal Reserve Bank.
b: 30-Sep-1984 pc: 58675 w: Robert Foster , Gerald Sanford d: Sidney Hayers
NOTE: The original UK broadcast of this episode, on Thursday 25th October 1984, was not only the most watched episode of that year, but also of the entire series, clocking up 13.1 million viewers. (It is not clear whether that showing was in feature-length of two-part format).
After many fans complained when Bonnie was dropped from the series for the 2nd season, Patricia McPherson returns to reprise the role with this story. She would stay for the rest of the show's run.
KITT is seriously damaged in this story, calling for Bonnie to practically re-build him. Much of the reason behind this, besides from pulling viewers in to the big season-opener, was that in reality technology was catching up with the series, and the producers wanted to add a new addition of functions to KITT to make sure he stayed on step ahead of real life!
As was the case previously when Bonnie was absent for the second season, what has become of April is not mentioned.

48. Knight of the Drones (2)
gs: Jim Brown (C.J. Jackson) Barbara Stock (Margo Sheridan) Evan Kim (Peter Wong) Wood Moy (Fong) Harry D.K. Wong (Ho Chin) Chuck Dorsett (Nice Old Man) Grace Bauer (Nice Old Lady) Arnie Moore (Carter) Jared Martin (Dr. David Holsten) The Barbarian Brothers (Cliffton & Turk)
A scientist plans to use robots and drone cars to round up criminals to rob a Federal Reserve Bank.
b: 30-Sep-1984 pc: 58676 w: Robert Foster , Gerald Sanford d: Sidney Hayers

49. The Ice Bandits
gs: Janet Julian (Jody) Bruce Fairbairn/John H. Evans (Winters) Paul Koslo (Austin) Julian Barnes (Dr. Fellows) Mindy Miller (Nurse Jones) Alex Henteloff (Brother Francis) Tip Kelly (Brother Tyrone) Tom Reese (Brother Carey) Al Checco (Brother Juliano)
Michael trails diamond thieves to the wine country of Northern California where the crooks are using a monastery as a front.
b: 07-Oct-1984 pc: 58603 w: Gerals Sanford d: Georg Fenady
NOTE: SCI-FI syndication cuts: a)The teaser b) some conversation between, Jody and Charlie after Michael leaves Jodi's place c) a long musical driving scene when KITT and Michael head out for Nappa syndication cuts: also the scene's with "Arnold"(a bodybuilder that messes with KITT) are cut out as well

50. Knight of the Fast Lane
gs: Dani Douthette (Stacy) Tom Rossovich (Bloodworth) Lory Walsh (Diane) Cliff Osmond (Courtney) Allen Williams (Unknown)
Michael hopes to flush out a futuristic sports car by challenging its murderous owner to a street race--with KITT as the prize.
b: 14-Oct-1984 pc: 58601 w: Richard C. Okie d: Winrich Kolbe

51. Halloween Knight
gs: Jason Evers (Mr. Grant) Kurt Paul (Norman Baines) John Calvin (Simon) Dallas Cole (Esmeralda) Linda Alberici (Linda) Taaffe O'Connell (Denise) Jim Gatherum (Teenage Boy) Gillian Grant (Teenage Girl)
After Bonnie claims she witnessed a murder, she's plagued by strange happenings designed to scare her out of her new apartment.
b: 28-Oct-1984 pc: 58624 w: Bill Nuss d: Winrich Kolbe

52. K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R.
gs: Jeff Osterhage (John Stanton [as Jeffrey Osterhage]) Jennifer Holmes (Mandy Moran) Ed Crick (Eddie) Georgia Schmidt (Little Old Lady) Vince Howard (CHP Officer) Laura Kamins (Female Rollerskater) Paul Frees (Voice of K.A.R.R. [uncredited])
A young couple stumble onto K.I.T.T.'s evil prototype K.A.R.R. – embedded on the beach after his last reign of terror – and unwittingly re-activate him. K.A.R.R. is soon spreading his web of fear once again, using his manipulative ways to convince the young man who reactivated him to help him, as he plans to get rid of his "copy" K.I.T.T., and Michael Knight...
b: 04-Nov-1984 pc: 58617 w: Richard C. Okie d: Winrich Kolbe
NOTE: Peter Cullen does NOT provide the voice of K.A.R.R. for this episode. Peter Frees took over the role for this episode, and was uncredited, as was William Daniels for K.I.T.T., to give the cars more of their own "identity". (As Peter Frees is uncredited, many sources mistakenly presume that Peter Cullen does the voice of K.A.R.R. for this episode).
With his return, K.A.R.R. curiously has a number of minor changes from his first appearance (in the classic 1st season episode 'Trust Doesn't Rust). These include: The scanner at the front is now yellow/green (instead of red) His scanner now makes a sound identical to K.I.T.T.'s (instead of the deep 'drone' noise of the original) His license plate now reads 'KARR' (instead of the original 'Knight') The sound of his engine now more resembles K.I.T.T.'s (all-be-it with some additional effects), instead of the fierce "roaring" engine sound previously. Additionally, the casing around his voice modulator is slightly different (black instead of silver, for starters).
There is a suggestion at the end of this episode that something of K.A.R.R.'s processor has survived - but, to the best of my knowledge, they never brought K.A.R.R. back!
replay to previous: I think they wanted to (or at least leve that option open) at some point but due to budget cuts it never came to pass, the only revival of KARR(and Garth and Goliath, for that matter) u'll see is from the PC Game

53. The Rotten Apples
gs: Denny Miller (Big Ed Barton) Robert Symonds (Cat Holliday) Russ McCubbin (Alfred Barton) Terri Treas (Rebecca Hammond) Lana Clarkson (Marilyn) Tobie Norton (Blue) Reginald T. Dorsey (Magic Fingers) Mimi Kinkaid (Star) James LeGros (Trasher) Michelle Newkirk (Joanna) Richard Coca (Diablo) Richard Lineback (Unknown)
A psychologist who bought a ranch to use as a home for troubled city kids needs Michael's help to stop rustlers and keep angry townsfolk from taking her land.
b: 11-Nov-1984 pc: 58611 w: Gerald Sanford s: Peter L. Dixon d: Bob Bralver

54. Knight in Disgrace
gs: Katherine Moffat (Linda) Lee Ryan (Charles) Casey Sander (Sergeant) Ken Scott (Gino) Jean Lubin (Carmen) Elizabeth Frazier (Mary Beth) Ken Foree (Danton) Richard Camphius (Mansion Guard) Michael Horsley (Guard) John Considine (LaSalle)
Word gets out when Michael is fired for drug possession, and a crime boss recruits him to steal a one-of-a-kind electronic key from Devon.
b: 18-Nov-1984 pc: 58622 w: Simon Munter d: Harvey Laidman

55. Dead of Knight
gs: Richard Brose (Arnold) Tony Young (Renard) Karen Kopins (Cindy Morgan) Aarika Wells (Ava) Victor Campos (Faisur) Jean Hasselhoff (Rosemary) Bob Larkin (Jennings) Richard Peabody (Security Guard) Guylaine Sanford (Michele) Joanie Allen (Lori Meadows) Richard Bruse (Arnold) Ed McCready (Tourista) Clay Lacy (Pilot) Stanley Kamel (Sonny Martin)
A young dancer takes a poison meant for Michael and he follows the culprit to Mexico where he is injected with the same lethal poison. Kitt must race the clock and the plane with the antidote back to Los Angeles in order to save Michael and the girl from certain death.
b: 02-Dec-1984 pc: 58607 w: Peter Baloff , David W. Wallert s: Janis Hendler , Tom Greene d: Bernard L. Kowalski
NOTE: Footage of K.I.T.T. and the jet at the airport at the climax of this episode are re-used from the Pilot.
Jean Hasselhoff (Rosemary) is David Hasselhoff's sister.
Cover song used: Billy Idol's song: "Rebel Yell"

56. Lost Knight
gs: Lenore Kasdorf (Lori) Jason Bateman (Doug Wainwright) Pamela Bowman (Angel) Anthony James (Unknown) Karl Johnson (Korso) Duncan Gamble (Jim Turner)
After Michael and KITT are separated in an explosion that erases the car's memory, KITT befriends a boy being chased by thieves who think he can identify them.
b: 09-Dec-1984 pc: 58619 w: Robert Foster , James M. Miller d: Sidney Hayers
NOTE: The main premise of this episode is a play on the classic 'E.T.' (1982), with "strange-being" K.I.T.T. (who has lost his memory) befriending a lonely young boy.
ORIGINAL TITLE: "K.I.T.T. Phone Home"(E.T. Refrence)

57. Knight of the Chameleon
gs: Dick Gautier (J.Gordon Baxter) Kimberly Foster (Tonie Baxter) Byron Webster (Armand Pressler) Dominick Brascia (Harry) Shari Shattuck (Ingrid) Don Gibb (Gibb) Alice Backes (Judge) Alan Jordan (Major Anderson) Raymond Lynch (Bryson) James Williams (Maxwell) Gustaf Unger (Gustaf) Bertil Unger (Bertil) Eric Lawrence (M.P. Guard) Nicholas Worth (Unknown)
Michael poses as a mercenary to flush out the Chameleon, a master of disguise who stole a prototype jet pack from the Government to sell on the black market.
b: 30-Dec-1984 pc: 58631 w: Robert Sherman d: Winrich Kolbe
NOTE: David Hasselhoff plays the Chameleon in disguise as Michael at the climax of this episode.

58. Custom Made Killer
gs: James Luisi (D.G. Grebs) Kai Wulff (Flood) Elaine Giftos (Debra) Alan Oppenheimer (Lewis) Viveca Parker (Joan Keahey) Phil Rubenstein (Ice) Michael Fox (Phil) Guerin Barry (Photographer) Jimmy Murphy (O'Malley) Maria Lauren (Model) Ron Lunceford (Attendant)
An extortionist out to sew up the garment industry hires a hit man with a killer car to cut his competition.
b: 06-Jan-1985 pc: 58640 w: Burton Armus d: Harvey Laidman

59. Knight by a Nose
gs: Toni Hudson (Maxine) F. William Parker (Dr.Thorpe) Don Gordon (Cavanaugh) Rene Assa (Rashid) John Allen (Gino) Lloyd Levine (Oscar) Leigh Lonbardi (Croupier) Roger Rose (Valet)
The "death" of a Thoroughbred racehorse is staged by its owner to cover gambling debts with the money from the black-market sale of the horse.
b: 13-Jan-1985 pc: 58604 w: William Elliot d: Bernard McEveety

60. Junk Yard Dog
gs: Heather McNair (Fran) Curt Lowens (Voorman) Kathy Shower (Tori) Alex Kubik (Zoormagian) Jim B. Raymond (Stiles) Louis Elias (Chuck)
Michael vows to nail the owner of a toxic-waste dump when KITT is nearly destroyed in an acid pit.
b: 03-Feb-1985 pc: 58641 w: Valvin Clements Jr. d: Georg Fenady
NOTE: Edward Mulhare (Devon) only has a cameo in this episode.
This episode is unique in that K.I.T.T. is seriously damaged, and it's not a season-opener and / or a feature-length adventure (as in all other such occasions).

61. Buy Out
gs: Clu Gulager (Hanson) Robin Dearden (Mel) Susanne Reed (Lilah) Bernard White (Deskey) Than Wyenn (Corelli) Jesse Vint (Unknown) John van Dreelen (Unknown)
To catch a saboteur, Michael volunteers to drive an armor-plated limousine during a company's missile-defense demonstration.
b: 10-Feb-1985 pc: 58643 w: George S. Dinallo d: Jeffrey Hayden

62. Knightlines
gs: André Gower (Billy boy) Taylor Miller (Janet Morgan) Hank Garrett (Barnes) Bob Delegall (Rayford) Sally Hampton (Saline) Roy David (Uniformed Cop) Joe Ladue (Unknown)
An international criminal rigs the Government's space weapons headquarters to blow up after construction is completed.
b: 03-Mar-1985 pc: 58644 w: Richard C. Okie d: Charles Watson Sanford

63. The Nineteenth Hole
gs: Cliff Carnell (Joey Rome) Michael McManus (Rooster) Albert Paulsen (Mr.C) Brandon Boone (Hotel Manager) Rebecca Perle (Daisy) Wendy Schaal (Race Organizer) John LaMotta (Bomper) Borah Silver (Nick) Bill Harlow (Man)
Michael enters KITT in a small-town road rally to investigate death threats received by the race's sponsor.
b: 10-Mar-1985 pc: 58627 w: Gerald Sanford , Robert Foster d: Georg Fenady

64. Knight and Knerd
gs: Tawny Moyer (Allie Raymond) Arya Gross (nerd Elliott Sykes) Victoria Bass (Vanessa) Steve Sandor (Mac Gifford) Lou Felder (Thomas Raymond) Cheryl M. Lynn (Jeannie) Arye Gross (Elliott Sykes)
A scientist's daughter is kidnapped by criminals as part of a scheme to build a hot new weapon.
b: 17-Mar-1985 pc: 58630 w: Larry Mollin d: Georg Fenady

65. Ten Wheel Trouble
gs: Robert Hogan (Shatner) Renée Props (Sally) Diane McBain (Mama Flynn) James Cromwell (Curtis) Darwin Joston (Burgers) Bruce Neckels (Janetti) Ji Tu Cumbuka (Unknown) Christopher McDonald (Unknown) Cliff Emmich (Unknown) Chirstopher McDonald (Joe Flynn)
Michael takes the wheel of a big rig to help independent truckers fight a takeover by a ruthless corporation.
b: 24-Mar-1985 pc: 58645 w: Burton Armus d: Bob Bralver

66. Knight in Retreat
gs: Sandra Kronemeyer (Monica) Ann Turkel (Bianca) Randi Brooks (Tanya) Sandy Kronemeyer (Monica) Dani Minnick (Veronica) David Hedison (Ted Cooper) Don Galloway (Harley Freeman)
Michael poses as a space-weapon scientist to gain access to a club operated by a woman dealing in blackmail and top-secret weapon systems.
b: 29-Mar-1985 pc: 58642 w: Gerald Sanford d: Roy Campanella II
NOTE: Ann Turkel (Bianca)'s character is very similar to Adrianne Margeaux, the character she had previously played in the second season's 'Soul Survivor' and 'Goliath Returns'. (Possibly the new character was created as the producers wanted to bring her back, but Adrianne was (seemingly) killed at the end of 'Goliath Returns').

67. Knight Strike
gs: Judy Landers (Sheila) Kathrine Baumann (Tyler) Richard Herd (Jastrow) Jack O'Halloran (Rawleigh) Paul Tuerpe (Fletcher) Logan Ramsey (Edgar) Bill Yeager (Tom O'Malley) Mark Giardino (Sgt. Gottlieb) Wendy Oates (Clerk) Michael Masters (Tuxedo) Virgina Peters (Martha)
To find stolen laser rifles, Michael attends a survivalist convention where pistols taken in the same robbery have been sold.
b: 05-Apr-1985 pc: 58647 w: George S. Dinallo d: Georg Fenady

68. Circus Knights
gs: Michelle Nicastro (Terry Major) James Callahan (Jeff Barnes) Sharon Hughes (Tiger) Tom Williams (Ringmaster)
Michael and KITT join a circus as a daredevil act to find out who's trying to force it into bankruptcy.
b: 05-May-1985 pc: 58633 w: David R. Toddman d: Harvey Laidman

Season 4 - Knight Rider

69. Knight of the Juggernaut (1)
gs: John Considine (Phillip Nordstrom) Mary Kate McGeehan (Jennifer Knight) Nicholas Worth (Hower) Mary Wodonov (Dr. Von Furst) Laurence Haddon (Lloyd) Pamela Susan Shoop (Marta Simmons) Richard Fullerton (Frank) Blair Underwood (Potts) Joe Shea (Cabbie) Michael Dickson (Ardell) Robert Kim (Technician) Tom Noga (Messenger) Sandy Maschmeyer (Receptionist) R. Chandler Garrison (Head Butler) Luis Contreras (Voice #2) RCB (Voice #1) V.C. Dupree (Gang Member) Wren Brown (Gang Member) Marco Hernandez (Gang Member) Rick Plastina (Guard)
Michael and K.I.T.T.'s latest assignment, to guard a volatile new isotope in Chicago, looks as if it could be their last, when the late Wilton Knight's daughter Jennifer plans to shut down their division of FLAG, and suspends Michael. But meanwhile, international terrorist Phillip Nordstrom kidnaps Devon, and uses hi-tech laser surgery on a criminal to create an impostor, as part of Nordstrom's plot to get his hands on the valuable isotope. Even though suspended, Michael becomes suspicious of (the impostor) Devon's behaviour and investigates – but Nordstrom plans to get rid of their interference, coating K.I.T.T. in a chemical to break down his molecular amour coating, before turning loose "The Juggernaut" – a deadly mobile battering ram...
b: 20-Sep-1985 pc: 60275 w: Robert Foster & Burton Armus d: Georg Fenady
NOTE: This episode has a unique version of the opening credits; they are in the 4th season style, but show the previous 3rd season version of K.I.T.T.'s features as not to spoil the new functions. (However, Peter Parros (RC3) is added to this version of the credits, giving away to viewers that he would become a regular in the series).
Mostly shot on location in Chicago.
The title of this episode can occasionally found to be listed as 'Night Of The Juggernaut'. Knight with a 'K', is the correct title, as seen on-screen. KITT's new feature(and the shows new "Gimmick" to garner more veiwers): SUPER PURSUIT MODE

70. Knight of the Juggernaut (2)
gs: John Considine (Phillip Nordstrom) Mary Kate McGeehan (Jennifer Knight) Nicholas Worth (Hower) Mary Wodonov (Dr. Von Furst) Laurence Haddon (Lloyd) Pamela Susan Shoop (Marta Simmons) Richard Fullerton (Frank) Blair Underwood (Potts) Joe Shea (Cabbie) Michael Dickson (Ardell) Robert Kim (Technician) Tom Noga (Messenger) Sandy Maschmeyer (Receptionist) R. Chandler Garrison (Head Butler) Luis Contreras (Voice #2) RCB (Voice #1) V.C. Dupree (Gang Member) Wren Brown (Gang Member) Marco Hernandez (Gang Member) Rick Plastina (Guard)
With K.I.T.T. completely wrecked by Nordstrom's "Juggernaut" battering ram, Michael and Bonnie, unable to turn to the strangely behaving Devon, enlist a street gang headed by a vigilante known as "The Street Avenger" to rebuild K.I.T.T. in a back-street garage, adding some key new features in the process; but it's a race against the clock to rebuild K.I.T.T. in time to prevent Nordstrom stealing the isotope...
b: 20-Sep-1985 pc: 60276 w: Robert Foster & Burton Armus d: Georg Fenady

71. KITTnap
gs: Daniel Faraldo (Julian Martin) Janine Turner (Dr. Karen Forester) Robert O'Reilly (Snyder) Denise Galik-Furey (Jodi Hopkins) Robert F. Lyons (Jeffrey Cavanaugh) Nick Angotti (Councilman) Nick Savage (Lukas Hall) Jim Bullock (Dog Catcher)
With Michael closing in on a master criminal who has escaped capture for years, the man and his henchmen plot to slow Michael up by trapping K.I.T.T. ...
b: 27-Sep-1985 pc: 60216 w: Skip Webster d: Bernard McEveety
NOTE: The spelling of K.I.T.T. in the title of the episode as it appears on-screen, without the separating full-stops as used on other episodes.
The spelling of K.I.T.T. in the title of the episode as it appears on-screen, without the separating full-stops as used on other episodes.

72. Sky Knight
gs: Robbie Rist (Nick) Dennis A. Pratt (Steven) Macon McCalman (Holmes) Barbara Townsend (Mrs. Swanson) Jeffrey Alan Chandler (Lloyd) Susan Blu (Mary) Will Gill, Jr. (Security Officer) Brian Thompson (Kurt) Bob Coker (Ticket Agent) Pope Freeman (Capt. Bill Rogers) Jack Starrett (Unknown)
Bonnie's plane is hijacked and the passengers are held hostage by an ex-intelligence agent who wants money and "political" prisoners set free.
b: 18-Oct-1985 pc: 60219 w: Carlton Hollander , Dennis Rodriguez d: Jeffrey Hayden

73. Burial Ground
gs: Ivan Naranjo (Simpson) Gina Gallego (Susan Christopher) Michael Horse (Jonathan Eagle) George Petrie (Dr. Tanner) Ron Joseph (Thomas) Greg Finlay (Chauffeur) Signy Coleman (Barbara Ralston) Joshua Gallegos (Lucas) Frank Roach (Jim) Jerado Decordovier (Blue Feather) Lesa Weis (Lisa) Ron Soble (Unknown)
An archaeologist excavating an ancient burial ground is kidnapped by a man who gets the oil-rich Indian land if no artifacts are found.
b: 25-Oct-1985 pc: 60204 w: Michael Eric Stein d: Chuck Bail

74. The Wrong Crowd
gs: Mark Schneider (Scott Hollander) Garrison Hershberger (Nicholas Arkett) Scott Valentine (Colton) Charles Fleischer (Hitch-hiker) Julie Ronnie (Erika) William Joyce (Glen Arkett) Suzanne Rogers (Lydia Arkett) Kandace Kuehl (Ann Galloway) Ted Peterson (Pop Galloway) Nancy Omi (Technician)
When a biker gang hi-jack and steal the FLAG truck, hospitalising RC3 in the process, they expect it to be full of liquor - so are amazed to find it full of computer equipment. The son of two computer experts, himself a computer genius, is persuaded into helping the gang to use the truck's advanced technology to aid them on a crime spree. Michael and K.I.T.T. must stop the gang before they use the computers to disrupt the test-run of a new computerised vehicle that is armed with a warhead...
b: 01-Nov-1985 pc: 60221 w: George S. Dinallo d: Chuck Bail

75. Knight Sting
gs: Walter Gotell (Simon Carascas) Kabir Bedi (Vascone) Beth Miller (Gaye Hollenbeck) Richard Epcar (Guard) Marc Tubert (Antoun) Anthony Peck (Jorge) Frank Ronzio (Franco) James Ingersoll (Dr.Gottlieb) Larry Storch (Unknown) Pepe Serna (Lupo) Tom Rosqui (Unknown)
Bonnie poses as a jetsetter to gain access to a foreign embassy planning to ship a canister of deadly bacteria out of the country.
b: 08-Nov-1985 pc: 60224 w: Herman Miller d: Sidney Hayers
NOTE: Walter Gotell (Simon Carascas) and Kabir Bedi (Vascone) both appeared in numerous James Bond films. Gotell played Morzeny, who ran the SPECTRE training camp in "From Russia With Love" (1963), and had the recurring role of KGB head General Gogol in every Bond film from "The Spy Who Loved Me" (1977) to "The Living Daylights" (1987). Bedi played Gobinda, Kamal Khan's henchman in "Octopussy" (1983).

76. Many Happy Returns
gs: D.D. Howard (Amy Lowell) Nicholas Pryor (Vince) Arthur Batanides (Henry Quincy) Paul Brinegar (Chuck) Peter Mark Richman (Kleist) David Wells (Miller)
Michael's well-deserved break for his birthday is interrupted when Devon assigns him to find a stolen hi-tech hovercraft prototype before a black market arms dealer can ship it out of the country...
b: 15-Nov-1985 pc: 60203 w: Michael Halperin d: Georg Fenady

77. Knight Racer
gs: Jourdan Fremin (Elena) William Windom (Wayne Altfield) John Crawford (Mac) Grainger Hines (Steve) Tom Williams (Lon) Cliff Carnell (Tunkel) John Mahon (Girdler) Pamela Bach (Betty) Norbert Weisser (Unknown)
Someone tries to kill Michael after he qualifies to drive for an independent racing team plagued by a series of "accidents".
b: 29-Nov-1985 pc: 60222 w: Paul Diamond d: Charles Watson Sanford

78. Knight Behind Bars
gs: Julianne McNamara (Julie Rogers) Peter Brown (Jason Nelson) Rosalind Allen (Samantha Lawton) Bobb Hopkins (Roark) Gloria Hayes (Dina Sheldon) Bonnie Hellman (Woman jogger) Dominick Brascia (Young man) Stephen Anthony Henry (Guard) Elven Havard (Gate Guard) Faith Minton (Darleen) Douglas Lawrence (Walsh) Victoria Bass (Unknown) Stephen Meadows (Unknown)
Michael discovers that prison inmates were used to steal security plans for a hotel that is hosting a defense conference.
b: 06-Dec-1985 pc: 60202 w: Richard C. Okie d: Bernard McEveety

79. Knight Song
gs: Tom Sullivan (Charley Collins) Mark Vernturini (Keith Lawson) Shelley Berman (Josh Bevin) Sharon Acker (Sanford) Paul Carafotes (Velez) Hank Rolike (Bartender) Michael Masters (Cabby) Huck Liggett (Traffic Cop) The New Edition (Kids)
A childhood friend of RC3's is involved with a blockbusting real-estate developer, who's trying to prevent the opening of a nightclub that could revitalize RC3's old neighborhood.
b: 13-Dec-1985 pc: 60230 w: Burton Armus d: Georg Fenady

80. The Scent of Roses gs: Catherine Hickland (Stevie Mason) Aharon Ipale (Durant) Robert Feero (Martoni) Reid Smith (Stocker) Richard Partlow (Klus) Roy Jenson (Purdue) Michael John Meyer (Medic Driver) Craig Schaefer (Medic) Phyllis Applegate (Nurse Miller) William Knight (Head Surgeon) Tom McDonald (Guard) Henry Cutrons (Minister) Ellen Clark (Mildred)
After a near-fatal encounter with a criminal mastermind, Michael falls into a deep depression and wants to quit the Foundation. He and Stevie are married.
b: 03-Jan-1986 pc: 60212 w: E. Nick Alexander d: Sidney Hayers

81. Killer K.I.T.T.
gs: Harvey Jason (Marco Berio) Andrea Howard (Bronwyn) Tony Epper (Farrell) Andy Epper (Gordon) Anne Ramsey (Crossing Guard)
An embittered electronics genius gains control of KITT's programming and turns the car on Michael.
b: 10-Jan-1986 pc: 60226 w: Simon Rose d: Chuck Bail

82. Out of the Woods
gs: Nancy Everhard (Samantha Dutton) Peter MacLean (Jonathan Dutton) P.J. Soles (Ellen Whitby) J. Eddie Peck (Erik Whitby) Curtis Taylor (Dave Nash) Marty Arkelian (Log Grapler) Michael Grayson (Party Guest) M. C. Gainey (Jerry Nash)
A family logging outfit is unable to sell its timber because the local sawmill is buying pirated timber that was out on national park land.
b: 17-Jan-1986 pc: 60211 w: Gregory S. Dinallo d: Harvey Laidman

83. Deadly Knightshade
gs: Lance Burton (Austin Templeton – "The Amazing Templeton") Hurd Hatfield (Ariel Marston) Mary Beth Evans (Nancy Marston) William Jordan (Dr. Ian Browning) Sally Julian (The Blond) William Utay (Harry) Mark Harris (Henderson) Roberta Haynes (Maid)
When a Foundation trustee is murdered, Michael's prime suspects master magician Austin Templeton – but the man was seemingly on stage performing at the time of the murder. Michael is determined to prove that Templeton used his "magical" trickery to fool the audience and give him the perfect alibi. The fact that Bonnie, an old flame of Templeton's, was in the audience and is insistent of his innocence, does not make the case any easier...
b: 24-Jan-1986 pc: 60229 w: Philip John Taylor d: Sidney Hayers

84. Redemption of a Champion
gs: Terry Kiser (Lou "Royal" Davis) Kat Sawyer-Young (Jean Tremont) Tracy Reed (Ruth Keeler) John Snyder (Benson) Norman Burton (Damon Leland) Ken Foree ("Spiderman") Ken Norton (Bo Keeler) Don King (Himself) Jerry Quarry (Himself) Danny Lopez (Himself) Carlos Palomino (Himself) Ron Pinkard (Reporter #1) Pete Youngblood (Reporter #2) John Garwood (Guard) Monte Masters (Grant) Benjamin Jurand (Blue Lightning)
When a sports promoter who claims to have some incriminating information about a legendary boxing match is murdered, Michael investigates an upcoming fight involving a villainous promoter and a former boxing champ who is determined to step back into the ring even if it kills him...
b: 31-Jan-1986 pc: 60227 w: E. Nick Alexander d: Chuck Bail
NOTE: Some sources incorrectly credit Sidney Hayers as directing this episode. Chuck Bail is the actual director, as credited on-screen.
Former heavyweight boxing champion Ken Norton, promoter Don King, and Jerry Quarry, who was kayoed by Norton in 1975, all have guest parts in this episode. Part of the reason for such a sports-star line-up was due to ratings gradually falling in the fourth season, so the old favourite "ratings grabber" trick of using big names to try and pull in viewers was employed.

85. Knight of a Thousand Devils
gs: Jonathan Goldsmith (Ronald Becker) Kathy Shower (Claudia Terrell) Ada Maris (Anna-Lucia Cortez) Henry Darrow (Roderigo DeLorca) Bruce Neckels (Federal Agent) Gary McMillan (Driver) Donna Speir (Playmate) Marlene Slieter (Playmate) Venice Kong (Playmate)
After a wanted mobster escapes an F.B.I. raid, murdering an Agent friend of Michael's in the process, Michael and K.I.T.T., backed up by RC3, follow a secret dune-buggy race in which the mobster is racing to make his escape across the border into Mexico, where a new identity awaits him...
b: 07-Feb-1986 pc: 60228 w: Peter Allan Fields d: Gino Grimaldi

86. Hills of Fire
gs: Zohra Lampert (Tess Hubbard) David Raynr (Wilson) Nana Visitor (Sandra Rusk) Vernon Wells (Darryl Staples) Tom Simcox (Deputy Clark) Garret Pearson (Manuel Gomez) Jock Gaynor (Paxton) Jim Lefebvre (Bum) Tim Wise (Ted Flanders)
Michael and K.I.T.T. have the seemingly easy, relaxing job of patrolling a national park for a couple of days, when they find themselves up against an arsonist driving an All-Terrain Vehicle, who escapes over rough terrain that K.I.T.T. can't cover. As they investigate to find just who is behind the spate of arson attacks, Michael must prove the innocence of a teenage boy, a reformed vandal, who is being framed for starting the fires...
b: 14-Feb-1986 pc: 60220 w: Jackson Gillis d: Bob Bralver
NOTE: This episode is memorable for many of us who watched as children, for the inclusion of S.I.D. – and the upset felt when he is blown apart!

87. Knight Flight to Freedom
gs: Lina Raymond (Lisa Corrales) Miguel Fernandes (Colonel Peralta) Kip Niven (Tom Harrington) Eloy Casados (Raoul) William Marquez (President Soza) Santos Morales (Martinez) Philip Morris () Dino Rivera (Soldier) Cory Rand (Guard) Charron McBride (Laurette Harrington)
Michael is captured while trying to rescue an American political prisoner held in a country in the throes of a coup d'etat.
b: 21-Feb-1986 pc: 60232 w: George S. Dinallo d: Winrich Kolbe
NOTE: This episode contains K.I.T.T.'s last ever turbo-boost seen in the series – though it's stock footage (see Bloopers & Nitpicks).
It's also the last time we see K.I.T.T. driving in convertible mode (bar the opening credits).

88. Fright Knight
gs: Lenore Kasdorf (Karen Bennett) Michael Callan (Victor Gavin) Leann Hunley (Liz Preston) Robert Englund (Edward Kent) Antony Ponzini (Mel Tobey)
Inexplicable accidents on a movie set are blamed on a legendary phantom haunting the studio.
b: 07-Mar-1986 pc: 60223 w: James Byrnes , Samm Smith, Leonard B. Kaufman s: James Byrnes , Samm Smith d: Gilbert M. Shilton

89. Knight of the Rising Sun
gs: Ken Swofford (Nick O'Brien) George Cheung (Tanika) Bill Saito (Gobi) Michael Chong (Kumita) Seth Mitchell (Guard) Paul Tuerpe (Foreman)
A powerful Japanese businessman attempts to abduct the adopted son of Devon's friend because the boy is a direct descendent of the founder of an ancient terrorist cult.
b: 14-Mar-1986 pc: 60233 w: E. Nick Alexander s: Burton Armus , Bruce Lansbury d: Winrich Kolbe

90. Voo Doo Knight
gs: Henry Gibson (Donald Crane) Rosalind Cash (Voo Doo Princess Harana / Bonita Vance) Christie Hauser (Elizabeth Wesley) John Vernon (Claude Watkins) Chuck Lindsly (Guard) Dick Durock (Max) Allan Graf (Jarrett) Charles Davies (Jeremy Towers)
Intercepting a robbery, Michael is shocked when one of the thieves commits apparent suicide, jumping out of a high-rise window. Investigating, it emerges that a con woman posing as a voodoo princess is using special earclips that submit the wearers to become zombified slaves to her commands. The woman plans to use her tranced henchmen to steal her some priceless archaeological finds, but in trying to stop the plot, Michael himself falls under the spell of one of the earclips...
b: 04-Apr-1986 pc: 60225 w: Tim Kring , Tim Kring and Deborah Dean Davis s: Tim Kring d: Georg Fenady
NOTE: Patricia McPherson (Bonnie) does not appear in this episode, making the previous episode, 'Knight of the Rising Sun', her last appearance in the series.

Kinght Rider - 2000 Movie

Knight Rider 2000
gs: David Hasselhoff (Michael Knight) Edward Mulhare (Devon) William Daniels (Voice of KITT) Susan Norman (Shawn McCormick) Eugene Clark (Kurt Miller) Carmen Argenziano (Russell Maddock) Megan Butler (Marla Hedges) James Doohan (Himself) Mitch Pileggi (Thomas J. Watts) Lou Beatty Jr (Harold Abbey) Robert F. Cowley (Prison Guard) Chris Bonno (Andrew) Phillip Hafer (Charlie) Carolyn. G. Jackson (Bag lady) Ron Jackson (Police Officer) Stacy Lundgren (Sandy) Matt Menger (Shawn's Father) Paul Menzel (Business Manager) J.W. Moore (Medical Tech) Edwin Neal (Warehouse Clerk) Marco Perella (Police Sergeant) Ellis Posey (Mayor Cottam) Larry Roop (Fellow Cop) Lori Swierski (Lori) Christine Healy (Unknown)
Michael is recalled from retirement because crime has become rampant in Seattle. The current system of freezing convicts is not working. KITT has been dismantled and the parts sold. Devon has managed to recover all but one chip which has been implanted in the head of a female cop whose brain was destroyed by a bullet. KITT is installed in a box and used in Michael's '57 classic Chevy. He and the cop, who has a chip on her shoulder as well as in her head, are teamed. Meanwhile, the foundation is preparing the new car, named K.I.F.T. (Knight Industries Four Thousand.)
b: 19-May-1991 w: Rob Hedden d: Alan J. Levi
NOTE: Another Kight Rider movie is rumored to be released in 2005.
This movie is the last Knight Rider to star actor Edward Mulhare, who plays Devon Miles. In 1997, six years after the movie's release on TV, Edward Mulhare died from lung cancer.