Season One - SeaQuest DSV

To Be Or Not To Be
Nathan Bridger has been living the life of a virtual recluse since the death of his wife some years before. Now he devotes himself to his aquatic research and his friend the dolphin. Until one day, an ex-colleague from the Navy persuades him to see over their newest submarine, one that he himself helped design, and, step by step, he is 'persuaded' to take the post of ship's captain. His first task is to capture or destroy a rogue submarine captained by an old pupil of his, a semi-psychopathic killer who has been hired to destabilize the underwater world in preparation for a business-like takeover. Bridger completes the task with ease, demonstrating the SeaQuest's new powers to the full.

The Devil's Window
The dolphin Darwin is struck down by a mysterious illness after he is called upon to act as surveyor of an undersea volcano which may be releasing unidentified bacteria.

Treasures Of The Mind
Captain Bridger and his crew discover ancient artifacts beneath the Mediterranean in what they think are the sunken ruins of the library of Alexandria. But when many nations lay claim to the treasures, a major international incident ensues.

At a polar prison built specifically for one inmate, SeaQuest rescues the warden and his sole charge - Doctor Zellar, a brilliant but deranged scientist accused of murder and kept frozen in a cryogenic chamber.

Treasure Of The Tonga Trench
The discovery of a valuable underwater gem prompts an outbreak of greed aboard the SeaQuest.

Brothers And Sisters
The captain and his crew are sent to entomb a deserted munitions plant that is in danger of exploding, and save a group of children trapped nearby.

Give Me Liberté
Captain Bridger fights against the clock to help his first officer, Commander Ford, and other members of his crew who are contaminated with a deadly virus.

Knight Of Shadows
Discovering an old shipwreck on the sea bed, the crew find that parts of it are still unflooded. But when it appears that a murder was committed amongst the last three survivors, and that the spirit of the captain has not rested easily, they find that ghost hunting is a difficult and dangerous pastime.

Bad Water
A hurricane threatens a French sightseeing submarine off the coast of Florida. With a dead pilot and all surface rescue vessels kept away by violent currents, SeaQuest is the passengers' only hope for survival.

The Regulator
An international Mr. Fixit known as the Regulator is called in by Captain Bridger to help the stricken SeaQuest, but trouble follows in his wake.

Off Australia's Great Barrier Reef SeaQuest's launch answers a distress signal from an undersea mining facility, where they find gold and greed.

Photon Bullet
Lucas regrets joining a group of computer hackers when he meets Juliana.

Better Than Martians
The SeaQuest is the only hope for the survival of a group of astronauts who crashed off course and plummeted into the sea after a successful Martian expedition. Bridger knows the ship's captain from years ago.

Nothing But The Truth
In the South China Sea, 150 miles west of Manila, the SeaQuest is motionless. Captain Bridger and all but seven of his crew have gone topside while an experiment is carried out. Then the terrorists strike.

Greed For A Pirate's Dream After a device for preventing volcanic eruptions goes missing, Bridger tracks it to a tropical island where four treasure hunters are living. However, the greed of the treasure seekers means that they are reluctant to leave when the island is in imminent danger of erupting.

Whale Song
Bridger must determine between his career and his conscience when he is ordered by the Pentagon to investigate a number of mysterious incidents in which whaling ships have gone missing. He has to choose between using deadly force against a radical aqua-environmentalist force which will stop at nothing to save the whales, or resign his command.

The Stinger
Lucas must complete the Stinger, a one-person submersible, to win a competition. While out testing it in a deep undersea trench something goes terribly wrong.

Hide And Seek
A deposed European dictator wants Darwin the dolphin to teach his autistic son to speak; but when his enemies locate him, the SeaQuest is threatened by a nuclear warhead.

The Last Lap Of Luxury
While visiting the SeaQuest, the Secretary General becomes involved in a plot to take world leaders hostage.

Ford encounters a mermaid-like woman and is taken to an undersea community headed by a scientist who has given his family the ability to breathe underwater. Lucas goes to a party and meets Julianna (last seen in the episode Photon Bullet), and learns a lesson about going too far too fast.

Such Great Patience
The SeaQuest encounters a million-year old spaceship, but the encounter goes wrong. Bridger and Lucas discover that Darwin may be the key to bridging the communications gap.

The Good Death
The evil General Guzmano tricks SeaQuest into torpedoing a refugee ship from Brazil, upon which is Westphalen's daughter. Dr. Westphalen and Commander Ford are trapped trying to save her.

Higher Power
An attempt by Lucas' estranged father to supply the world with free hydroelectric power ends in disaster.

An Ocean On Fire
In a storyline that bears an incredible resemblance to a Doctor Who story of 1970, Inferno, a power plant designed by Lucas' father may hold the key to the world's energy problems, but when it goes on-line incredible amounts of molten lava pour into the ocean and there's a danger of the polar ice caps melting. Bridger must sacrifice the SeaQuest to save the world.

Season Two - SeaQuest DSV

SeaQuest, having been forced to self-destruct, has now been redesigned and rebuilt and is ready for active duty. Trouble is brewing when genetically engineered warriors intend to break out of government confinement.

Fear That Follows
The ship and crew have an uncomfortable encounter with an alien vessel.

Sympathy For The Deep
People on the Miranda peace colony are going insane and an old flame of Bridger's calls him, pleading for help.

Tony Piccolo meets his mother, who is taking youth-enhancing drugs, and Bridger admits his infatuation with the ship's empath, Dr Smith.

Hearing a Morse code SOS, and a young girl's cries for help, the ship enters a mysterious vortex and find a deserted city on the other side, which happens to be in the future.

The Sincerest Form Of Flattery
Pearl Harbor is attacked by a test computer-controlled attack vehicle on a mission of world destruction, and Bridger is ordered to stop it.

By Any Other Name
The crew suffer a quiet assignment to a horticultural station where the captain harbors thoughts of romance. The station turns out not to be so quiet when the plants start moving of their own accord.

When We Dead Awaken
Brody's mother, poisoned many years before, is reawakened from suspended animation so that she can visit her grown son, but the prisoner is now a powerful military figure who is determined to keep his secret.

Special Delivery
Dagwood is found guilty of murdering his "creator" but reckons without the existence of a twin brother.

Dead End
The search is one for a SeaQuest shuttle when it gets caught in a giant whirlpool.

When the crew investigate the sudden disappearance of a group of divers they discover a prehistoric crocodile which is devouring all in its path.

The Lost Land
On the ocean floor, Commander Jonathan Ford is startled by the specter of a Greek warrior rising from the mud.

And Everything Nice
Lucas Walenczak learns an important lesson in the art of romance when he experiences love at first sight.

Dream Weaver
A slimy blanket of bubbles traps the SeaQuest and drags it down to the ocean floor.

No story details known - episode not screened by ITV.

Lucas, Piccolo and Brody compute data about Solitaire Island, which is sinking at a geologically-significant rate.

Something In The Air
A team of experts open an ancient box unearthed from the sea and let a demon free.

Dagger Redux
A potentially disastrous plot is hatched to rescue Mariah, leader of the Gelfs, who was imprisoned in a jail for the criminally insane for her role in the Dagger Rebellion.

The Siamese Dream
Wendy takes Dagwood and Piccolo to a parapsychology centre for treatment of a disturbing condition.

Tony Piccolo and his old Navy buddy Eddie find themselves at the mercy of an unseen force.

Captain Bridger is faced with a difficult decision - but it could mean destroying his crew's hopes of returning to Earth.

Season Three - SeaQuest 2032

Brave New World
Ten years have passed since the SeaQuest was taken from Earth during a destructive civil war. Now it has returned and, when the shocked crew are recovered, it gains a new captain in the tough Oliver Hudson. His first task is to prevent a right-wing group from taking over the Pacific region.

In The Company Of Ice And Profit
A mining company guilty of polluting the southern oceans is trying to assume control of the planet's supplies of fresh water. Hudson is ordered to destroy an iceberg which is heading for Saudi Arabia, but he finds it is populated by refugees.

Smoke On The Water
Hudson runs into complications when he is forced to share command of a dangerous mission with a long-lost love.

Destination Terminal
Lucas tries to avert a disastrous crash when a supersonic undersea train is targeted by a corporate saboteur.

Chains Of Command
Hudson is taken captive after he confronts his former commanding officer who is now the rogue leader of a remote nuclear weapons station.

Hostile Macronesian forces attack a freighter and kill all the crew, with the exception of two children which Lt Henderson rescues. She is then captured and charged with espionage, and as the tension rises, Lt Brody becomes a casualty of the new war.

An oil spill which the SeaQuest cleared up with bio-friendly chemicals twelve years before has produced a mutated form of that chemical and is wiping out the ecosystem of a large stretch of ocean. Nathan Bridger is determined to prevent the UEO making things worse.

The SeaQuest crew escort a convicted mass killer to a new prison site, but complications inevitably arise during the trip.

Good Soldiers
SeaQuest is placed under Bridger's command to destroy a top secret base where gruesome research is being carried out. Complications arise when Bridger reveals the base is now in hostile Macronesian territory.

Second Chance
An engine malfunction sends the ship back in time to 1962, where it apparently causes World War Three to be triggered during the Cuban Missile Crises.

The UEO Secretary General becomes an assassination target when he becomes involved with Macronesian politics.

Trade negotiations with the Tartarus Federation hit a snag when Lt Henderson finds her long-lost first love among the Federation's forced labor.

Weapons Of War
When a UEO base is wiped out by the Chowdai, an Oriental undersea dictatorship, Tim's Internet girlfriend turns out to be a fearless warrior who wants to defect.